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This part of the construction sector has come into its own in the last ten years or so.


As a result of programs like Grand Designs and Restoration Man, we have seen the interest in self-builds increase tremendously in the Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk areas.


This is mainly because self-builders are able to take advantages of the current housing market, whilst they also have the ability to design a house that meets their lifestyle requirements or possibly expanding family requirements.


Self-build currently offers homeowners an alternative way to climb the property ladder whilst saving on market prices.


Daco Limited can offer you affordable tailored professional help and advice in your self build project. Furthermore, we can help manage your project, delivering completion in budget and on time, ensuring a quality build by monitoring progress and quality.


We also anticipate any potential risks or hazards, whilst providing the documentation detailing how they are to be managed.


We are able to manage construction obligations under both CDM and Health and Safety legislation. Resulting in a more concise and smoother self build experience.


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